Over the last few days, I’ve spoken about using a people strategy to support a business strategy in a few different conversations.

The response — “How does that work?” — has surprised me.

People I highly respect as bright, capable professionals are moving ahead with strategic plans with little consideration for the various people issues involved.

Here’s what I mean about supporting business initiatives with people strategies:

  • Do we have the right people for the work, and do they have the right skills?
  • Is the organizational structure suitable for the desired outcome?
  • What change management concerns need to be addressed?
  • Are there changes in roles and responsibilities that need to be managed?
  • Are feedback systems and/or rewards aligned to the strategic initiatives?
  • What is the plan to engage people in the vision?

When reviewing the business strategy, we need to consider the elements that involve how people work and engage the people approaches that could support it.

Whether supporting people is done by people services (HR), organizational development, operations, or other functions, how well are they set up for success to apply the variety of people strategies needed for any given situation?

How does your organization attach people strategies to the bigger plans in the organization? I’d love to hear your take on it.

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