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The Hitch in the Giddy Up

Posted by: Cheryl Jekiel | No Comments

Move beyond maintenance of the status quo in 2018

Many of the HR leaders I’ve recently spoken with sincerely want to better support their internal customers and business partners. They really want to get more done and spend more time address-ing people related issues that need attention.

The ‘hitch in the giddy up’ is that many HR leaders find themselves buried in work that is highly inefficient and are completely overwhelmed with activities that maintain the status quo.

These leaders openly admit to spending much of their time solving repetitive problems and struggle with finding the time to address the root causes.

Have you found yourself too busy meeting with employees about their problems that it keeps you from resolving what’s causing those problems?

Are you too busy hiring that you haven’t taken the time to find out why people leave (causing you to do so much hiring)?

Having had similar experiences over the years, I truly appreciate the difficulty of getting out of these spirals long enough to change them.

Finding your stride generally involves making a commitment to improving the effectiveness of your work while simultaneously becoming more deeply focused on the current business strategies and challenges.

Here are few questions to ask yourself as we begin 2018 to identify ways you can free up your time to get beyond the maintenance of the status quo:

1. Does my team need to work on strengthening basic processes as a starting point for im-provement? If we have well designed processes, how well are we following them?

2. What would it take to make more time for improvements?

3. What is my level of commitment to having less waste in my work?

The second half of the equation is how well HR is strategically setting their priorities. Often the HR agenda is reactive to requests focused on legal requirements and/or generally restricted to HR topics. Increasing the value HR brings to a business requires the focus to be more strategically aligned to the most important business issues.

Here are a few business partnering questions to start off your year:

1. What areas of my business need the most attention, and what areas of HR could most sup-port those challenges?

2. What are ways I could strengthen the validation of my priorities with my business partners and internal customers?

3. Do I need to improve my approach to a long term HR plan to assist in prioritizing work and strengthening the strategic value of HR?

4. How can I better support the improvement of my organization?

Consider choosing a few of the areas above to focus your 2018 efforts.

Here’s to breaking free and finding your stride by being more aligned, more proactive, and more strategic this coming year. Wishing you a very happy 2018.

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