In the last few weeks, most of us have given some thought to the recently increased attention to systemic racism. In all honesty, I have found myself aware that this has seemed a problem for others to solve. The expansion of the protests and the amount of media attention has given many of us, including me, pause to consider the real ramifications of systemic racism including who needs to be involved to solve it.

As a thought leader for lean HR, I’ve also considered how this topic relates to people-centric workplaces that seek to reflect a deep respect for people. Traditional diversity initiatives that focus on inclusion are only one step towards what’s really needed. Fortunately, many organizations are seeking to understand what else they need to do to effectively respond.

I have seen at least two organizations create fresh dialogues between employee groups to better understand racial concerns within individual experiences in daily life. I’d like to see leaders from companies that are taking new approaches to understanding and addressing racism featured in various people-centric channels of communication.

If we have been able to become better at making products and working with teams by learning from each other, we can use these same approaches to improve how we support other changes that are needed.

The degree of dialogue, including the amount of vulnerability, seems to be at a whole new level. While the issues related to racial concerns have always been significant and complex, it can only be a step in the right direction to be considering how everyone needs to get involved in new ways.

I find myself considering what lays beyond traditional steps in the workplace to address this topic. So far, the path to taking new approaches is created by taking the time to:

• Learn about systemic racism.
• Listen to various perspectives.
• Explore new options for addressing this as a human problem that we all share in the solution.

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