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Personal Transformation

The Role of Personal Transformation

Lean enterprises are often looking for places or methods to help their managers or supervisors build leadership skills. Becoming a “lean leader” in terms of enhancing the necessary interpersonal skills, especially within traditional training options. Another avenue organizations may want to consider is utilizing public workshops to provide an avenue apart from the workplace for people to build interpersonal skills.

Training approaches that we’ve seen be successful in terms of significant improvements in leadership skills, include the following characteristics:

Pathways Seminars

A public seminar source that has had tremendous success with making a significant difference in people’s leadership skills. This organization provides a series of workshops that allow participants to better understand themselves and set small sets of goals to make improvements. Students also come to understand how barriers get in their way and how to use communication, commitment and community support to break through them. The seminars also provide a valuable opportunity to build skills in dealing with diverse people and viewpoints through attaining more understanding and acceptance of others.

For more information on Pathways Seminars, call Sue Page at (847) 478-1088 or see www.PathwaysSeminars.com or www.PathwaysToBusinessSuccess.com.