Re-Thinking HR For Operational Excellence & Culture Change

Re-Thinking HR For Operational Excellence & Culture Change



This workshop illustrates the key approaches to Lean Human Resources and how HR can play a vital role in embedding a culture that supports operational excellence.



Key Learning Points

  • How HR Can Access Talent and Strengthen Engagement for Operational Excellence
  • Using HR To Create Value for Operational Excellence
  • Redesigning HR Strategies to Drive a Culture of Operational Excellence


Organizations Are Struggling to Ensure Their Operational Excellence and Lean Efforts Are Sustainable and Deliver Better Business Results Year Over Year

Building Lean Principles into each aspect of HR helps to ensure Operational Excellence and Lean initiatives become embedded into culture and daily work practices.


Key benefits:

  • Improve sustainability and deliver better results though an aligned HR programme to deliver better, long term results.
  • Build Lean principles into each aspect of HR programming to ensure Lean and Operational Excellence becomes embedded into the culture of daily work practices.


Learning outcomes:

  • Gain awareness of critical need to redesign HR programming for Operational Excellence and Lean Transformation
  • Strategies for redesigning Key HR Programming in a Lean enterprise.
  • Methods for implementing seven Lean Principles into HR programming to drive superior results.


Who should attend?

  • Individuals with responsibility for: Recruiting; Training; Performance Management; Policies; and Employee Relations
  • HR professionals and partners
  • Manufacturing and operational leaders who aim to best align HR with Operational Excellence and Lean principles


Meet Your Expert

Cheryl-Seminar1Cheryl Jekiel, founder of The Lean Leadership Center, works with the CEOs of organizations who are disappointed with the results of Lean initiatives.

The Lean Leadership Center changes the game with comprehensive talent management strategies to develop leaders who drive Lean culture. As a result, Lean is not a just a tool or an event but a customer-focused, team-based company culture of sustainable, constantly improving results that exponentially change the business.

Over the last three decades, Cheryl has become known as the “mother of Lean HR” while serving as the Vice President of Human Resources at Tri-Arrows Aluminum, Inc., FONA International, Inc. and Flying Food Group, LLC. She is the author of Lean Human Resources: Redesigning HR Practices for a Culture of Continuous Improvement.