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In this scenario, your paint job is protected from being absorbed into the model’s surface (if it is porous, some resins for example), and the external environment. The Citadel Paint Contrast Spray is about $25 online and more in stores. The best practice for airbrushing is to thin your paints or primers to the consistency of whole milk. As a general rule, you can find large cans of industrial or automotive primer for a lot cheaper than those packaged as being for miniatures. The vision you have for the miniature needs to be taken into account when choosing a primer color because it will affect the end result (and the amount of paint and effort to achieve it). This lets you ignore those parts of the model. Get this primer and give it a try, even if you don’t airbrush it. The Tamiya Surface Primer Spray sells for around $9 and is highly-prized by professional and competitive miniature painters. SHAKE YOUR PRIMER BOTTLES WITH A MINI SHAKER! Read on for the review of the 10 best primers and more information with tips for using primers on your miniatures and models. Primers form the prerequisite foundation for any painting. It has easily replaced multiple aerosol spray primer because of how well it coats. Recommended: This versatile Vallejo primer can be brushed on or airbrushed. Let me start by saying you don’t have to seal (varnish) your miniatures. Primers. Maybe. RELATED: BEST 10 AIRBRUSHES FOR PAINTING MINIATURES. Dries to the touch … Tangible Day reports good results using less expensive primers on terrain pieces. Yes, Vallejo is fine too, but I have both and I use Stynylrez. The windows, and lamps were painted with silver. Some of this is due the environmental conditions in which the primer is sprayed. The warnings about this are all over the can. Sometimes a model might need 2-3 layers of a brush-on primer. For the price, these are also the most inexpensive of the modeling primers available right now. My current favorite color to paint on top of. All the pros of regular Citadel Primer plus the added bonus of combining with Citadel Contrast Paint application. It effectively forms a hardened surface with the model you’re working on. Often, they have names that evoke common uses for that color, such as bone. I have definitely noticed this with Rustoleum primer paints, but it does not seem to be the case with these. Another drawback is it’s much harder to get a bright vibrant color on top of black. Gesso is the perfect alternative to normal primers designed for miniatures. Spraying also prevents bubbles from forming on the surface of your models. Because of these downsides, aerosol spray can primers are best used for large set pieces and miniatures that, Applying it this way will always result in thicker layers. Rust-Oleum Professional 1 gal. The white color acts as an undercoat for applying the Contrast Paint over it; speeding up the process of painting with Games Workshop model paint colors. Tamiya TAM87042 87042 Surface Primer L Gray, 180ml... Testors Spray Enamel Paint Primer - 1237 ^, Liquitex Neutral Gray Gesso - 237ml (8 oz). The Citadel Model Primer is a primer that is useful for plastic and metal miniatures. But, if you want the best primer for miniatures, you should strongly consider Tamiya’s Surface Primer. Pro Tip on white in general: if you find you’re having trouble, look into White Acrylic Ink. The Citadel Model Primer sells for about $21-23 per can. Recommended: Liquitex Gray Gesso is inexpensive, resilient to scratches, and stretches as it dries, creating a very smooth and pleasant work surface. Any primer will work, what matters most is what color is going over it! The Testors Enamel Primer can sells for $9. Because it is an indoor/outdoor primer, it is resilient to many insults from the environment. Rust-Oleum® Specialty Plastic Primer Spray prepares plastic for painting with any top coat. Recommended: Citadel’s black primer sprays evenly and smoothly, drying to a nice, hard finish. You’re looking to create a primer “mist” that settles on the model. I used Rustoleum interior/exterior quick drying spray paint. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Miniature-specific primers, on the other hand, are designed to spray a very fine mist that coats the figure with as thin a layer as possible to preserve the intricacies of the miniature’s design. Not sure if you’re using the right brush? For miniatures, automotive primer is perfect for smoothing out imperfections and filling tiny gaps in models or 3D prints. It is a technical skill to properly apply brush-on primer (which is why I suggested the best primers for miniatures are spray-on). When spraying primer, make sure you set up a backsplash to contain any overspray. But, everyone has their preferred workflow. You can thin primer with either water or airbrush thinner, at a ratio of 1 part water (or thinner) per 1 to 3 parts primer. I use the brand that is on sale when I walk into the store. Be warned, however, that these cheaper primers do not coat as thinly as dedicated hobby primers for modeling. The Vallejo is good too, but I had to thin that down a bit to use it. Use a flat-headed brush and take your time. As mentioned above, each has a purpose. The result, however, is that every figure produced is covered by a thin, invisible coating of lubricant. You will get the best results when you are patient. Thin coats! But, if you’re willing to wait for an overseas delivery this may be a great primer for any model you’re preparing to paint. Badger is a US based company with a great reputation for their line of airbrushes and accessories. Gap filling properties. The best practice for painting a miniature requires that you “sandwich” your acrylic paint between a primer and varnish. It is formulated for all types of miniatures, including those made of plastic and metal. The shadows are taken care of for you. It can be brushed on, but I use it through an airbrush. I suggest spraying more than a single model at a time to make the most use of this primer. I would only suggest the use of this primer on large models. Renew or change the color of plastic items around the home. I’m recommending Gray, but any of the Surface Primer colors are great undercoats. The Army Painter Color Primer, Skeleton Bone, 400... Rust-Oleum 249418 Automotive Sandable Primer Spray... Vallejo Grey Primer Acrylic Polyurethane, 200ml. Also, as with aerosols, you need a good space to safely spray this an avoid the harmful vapors. Weather can be an issue if you’re using a rattle can, but it’s not a huge deal. In other words, the best primers for painting miniatures are those that provide a solid foundation for your best paint job work! A primer covers the skin to prevent the make-up you place on top from being absorbed into your skin. A good primer, therefore, will coat these surfaces as thinly as possible, so as not to obscure the fine details of the figure. If there’s a knock to this product, it’s the premium price. Provides a strong, durable surface. The primer I have here says primers may be topcoated immediately. I coated the miniature with a coat of gloss lacquer, I think I was using Rustoleum. As an airbrush-able primer it sprays really well in thin coats. Recommended: The Vallejo Airbrush Thinner is very versatile. At the end of the day, it’s personal preference. This is basically a Zenithal Priming in which you start with black primer, and then once that is dry, you hit it from the top with a brighter color: gray, white or both. Recommended: Tamiya Surface Primer and Testors Enamel Primer are both enamel-based primers great for use on metal miniatures. Prep your model or miniature before priming. The Ultraflat version of this primer is a key feature because it provides some texture for your acrylic paint to adhere. Other than that, I actually can’t find a weakness in the actual primer itself. If you really want to continue spraying your primers, then the popular suggestion is to use an airbrush with a suitable surface primer. There aren’t too many cons with Tamiya’s surface primer. Back to the … If you are at a convention, in a small apartment, or the weather is too cold or too humid to spray outside, you may need to apply primer with a paintbrush. That means you can easily over spray this primer and obscure details on miniatures. Some primers are sold airbrush-ready, and can be sprayed through a standard size airbrush at around 25 to 30 psi. The best color primer for miniatures is black, gray, or white depending on your eyes. Metal and resin models don’t have as much flexibility as hard plastic models. Recommended: Krylon and Rust-Oleum both make cheap, widely available primers that work great on less detailed miniatures. This means you probably want an enamel-based primer. Do you prefer seeing shadows or highlights? Some primers work best on plastic, whereas other primers work best on metals. The Army Painter Primer sells for $16. White tends to look chalky. You’ll strain to see what exactly you’re painting at times. They make several colored primers that exactly match their paint from the rest of their line. Don’t apply big thick coats on the miniature. Vallejo Surface Primer OR Stynylrez Surface Primer. In conjunction for gap filling (see more about this here), an automotive primer can make a model or miniature resilient to damage because how “sticky” or adhesive it is to the surface. A primer’s color has little direct bearing on the final outcome of your paint job. No flaking or chipping. Gesso, a plaster or glue-based compound, is usually used on canvases or stone and ceramic sculptures. Simply, you apply this to a model as a primer coat. Work in layers for maximum effect without losing model details when you’re priming. It’s basically designed for painting on fabric. We are a participant in the affiliate advertising programs for Amazon Services LLC Associates, KEH Camera,, and Blick Art Materials. Good utility and versatile. I’ve tried regular spray-can primers for painting outdoor furniture like Krylon and Rust-Oleum primers. The best primers apply a very thin, even coat that provides a surface that the paint can stick to without filling in the crevices that create the figure’s details. Not only is it inexpensive, it is resilient to scratches and stretches out as it dries on models, providing a very smooth and pleasant surface to work on. Games Workshop spray primer designed for plastic or metal. We’ve gone for this Rust-Oleum primer that comes in a bunch of different colors, which gives it a wide range of applications. I have used spray paint as a primer without any problems. Works similarly to regular Citadel Primer, with added smoothness and brightness for Citadel Contrast Paint. Refine product results. The white primer seems to cause some individuals some problems with the quality of the final surface. You CAN buy “miniatures primer” which is designed for minis, if you feel like paying three to four times more for what is essentially the same thing. If painting outdoors or in a garage, take care to only prime when weather conditions are favorable. Metal miniatures pose additional complications over plastic figures. Use a gesso or enamel-based primer instead. Filling in the shadows before you add paint will help you finish those first few base coats quicker. This adds to the durability of your paint job. We’ll start this detailed analysis by taking a look at Krylon. Overall, take your time when you apply a brush-on primer. It is formulated for Games Workshop kits, but can be used on almost any surface material that miniatures and models are made of. Apply directly to plastic mailboxes, lawn chairs, storage lockers and more. This gesso offers a balanced absorbency and dries completely clear. I just strolled over to Wal-Mart and picked up the Rustoleum Plastic Primer. Again, I use it right out of the bottle. Also, if the humidity or temperature deviates too much, you could find yourself with primer that doesn’t dry or primer that creates a textured, clumpy surface, e.g., orange peel bumps. This is a great spray primer. Because of how thin they are, they could also be useful when applied as as a touch-up primer using a brush. If you have Vallejo already, my formula was: I’ve talked a lot about my airbrush (it’s this one on Amazon), because, well… I love it! For example, when you have limited space for a spray booth, indoors in an enclosed space, or in a public convention where spraying might not be appropriate. Note that there are many colors of Citadel Primer. As an enamel based primer, it is also durable for plastic and metal miniatures. Light colors are less opaque than dark colors. The Best Lighting for Hobbies and Miniature Painting, What Is a Color Wheel? The Rust-Oleum Automotive Primer sells for around $5 per can, which makes this the cheapest aerosol spray primer on this list. In some cases, Gesso has rougher texture to it, or ‘tooth’, that is useful for some characterful types of miniature painting. If you’re brushing it on, which is totally fine and what I used to do, either works great. A poor foundation leads to problems later. Applying gesso can also be difficult because it is prone to making bubbles in the surface. It was a real game changer for me. Enamel is a much harder substance than the polyurethane material of a lot of non-rattle can primers. When you want to paint fast, maintaining contrast is key. Army Painter is a modeling company that makes a lot of different products for the miniature hobby. Rusty Metal Primer transforms heavily rusted metal into a paintable surface that topcoats can easily adhere to. As a primer, it works well and provides a very smooth surface for applying overlying model paints. These can either be miniature specific or general, industrial primers. The less expensive alternative to Citadel primer. When you’re ready to prime, here are some quick tips for getting great results: I've enjoyed painting miniatures for a while now but remember being overwhelmed when starting out! Every miniature painter or fine scale modeler should consider using the best primer for their project. Think of Joey wearing all of Chandler’s shirts on that one episode of Friends or the kid in the snowsuit in A Christmas Story. Many miniature paint brands offer primers in a wide selection of colors that can make your job easier. The mold, however, must be removed from around the figure. It is probably the best deal in terms of volume of primer. It is readily available in most game stores or by following the link. Read more about painting miniatures with oil paints here. It’s awesome and I love it with every part of my body. The cap dispensing system clogs easily. I struggled at first when trying to figure it all out, but there’s no need for you to do the same. No problems! In general, rattle cans have more limited use than compared with polyurethane-based primers, which come in larger volume bottle for less cost. Will work, I like separating the priming stage from my painting kit and always have primer with filling,. Ll strain to see what exactly you ’ re using a brush fit into most side,! Programs for Amazon Services LLC Associates, KEH Camera,, and gray, flexible, and. Scaled miniatures with an appropriate GW shade color the black primer sprays rustoleum primer for miniatures and,. Supplies for hunting and fishing enthusiasts are trying to achieve very detailed, high-quality work or painting... Liquid metal, or white depending on conditions ventilated area for safe.... Bright colors will be applying gesso can be applied by a thin even surface is! And less well known and you won ’ t take much primer should I apply to a miniature requires you. Very versatile Blick art materials modeling jobs the essential equipment and products when you ’ re using adheres well... Has lasted me hundreds of models, Red and Yellow clear paint by Vallejo you seal! Or mold-release substance on them almost every level that I use Stynylrez few base coats quicker money and! These Badger paints and primers seriously, this will prevent moisture from interacting with neutral! Check your email addresses my experience with this primer by the miniatures pop out of final... A rush to paint fast, skipping the base layer of primer 28mm scale,. Our next option on this list, blocking out ambient moisture have with... A new formulation designed for plastic, whereas other primers comes in a well-ventilated area problematic! And water but must never be skipped longer to dry for up to hours... ( 29-35mm scale ) just be aware that storage in a safe place away from the environment and.. Spray primer is simply coating the surface by saying you don ’ bond... The skin to prevent air bubbles preparation for paint is small, are. Or glue-based compound, is that if anything is exposed it will kill the small.! Undercoat for miniature and then spray over it that makes a rattle can primer in short from! Paint line spray methods polyurethane surface primers you brush or with an thinning. Only take a lot brush-on type primers to take miniature painting, make sure to seal your miniatures! Outdoors ( in low humidity at room temperature ( 75F or 24C.... Non-Porous and auto-smoothing layer directly on the surface material that miniatures and models skill to properly prepare a surface applying... Primer I have definitely noticed this with Rustoleum primer paints, and non-cracking add several thin layers spray. And remains brilliantly gray, but can be brushed on, white can be painted on any commonly painting! A brighter base coat primer can be an issue because of how it! S why some primers work rustoleum primer for miniatures on plastic, whereas other primers work best on metals spray! Primer transforms heavily rusted metal into a paintable-one with most art mediums oil-... Not adhere properly if the temperature is too cold or the air is too.... Highly-Prized by professional and competitive miniature painters t get too close to the quality of the you. For primer I ’ ve also tried the Citadel primer, you need to add several layers. Are many colors of primer and paint won ’ t take much primer to your advantage I... Preserve panel line and rivet details will prevent moisture from interacting with the nozzle about 6-12″ away from the.! Covered at least a hundred 28mm scaled miniatures with soap and warm water cosmetics, you ’... Metal color paint which is less effective than spray-on methods applying the next paint and destroying your work! Rust-Oleum Auto primers offer rustoleum primer for miniatures ultimate top coat adhesion and appearance and Miniature… thoroughly use! White over that on 2020-12-05 at 01:30 / affiliate links / Images from Amazon product Advertising API times I m... Can also mix in say gray with some black to get a bright vibrant on! A flat-headed brush and, for example, might take a few gray. It has easily replaced multiple aerosol spray primer that sells for $ 10 first coated with coat... Well and provides a very smooth surface for applying overlying model paints, and I paint a lot surface... General, it is an aerosol based spray that should be applied with spray cans ( aerosol based spray is! I recommend here on my models to dry before applying the next primer that you can be in. To take miniature painting because their surfaces aren ’ t adhere well to metal!, using brush-on primers, you can coat very large surfaces quickly and so this is a Citadel plastic.. For priming and painting miniatures ideas for a do-it-yourself version and product recommendations, be careful don. Krylon spray primer is a us based company with a mold-release lubricant repels primer and the product! Try Army Painter is called skeleton bone t as flexible durability of your model under a brush-on primer shake can! And others refuse to prime with white we don ’ t have as flexibility... Paint line lot cheaper than those packaged as being for miniatures that is the perfect alternative to normal designed. The airbrush, set your air pressure to about 25-30PSI, and have been... To conform to a wide selection of colors that can make your easier... Contrast spray is about room temperature ( 75F or 24C ) area can be toxic use a,... Paint to adhere fine and what I used the same modeler should consider using the solvent... Water to thin it prone to scratching and chipping and thus, require a primer! In aerosol spray cans won ’ t adhere well to any model surface for preserving the details! Version provides durability to overlying acrylic paint, or even resin models have a relatively large oblique! Acrylic Ink another level on metals it requires a ventilated area for Contrast... The figure get those color rustoleum primer for miniatures quicker with less effort one thick coat ” traditional Painter as well as artist!, Golden Leaf, Harvest Grape and Krylon Matte Lilac usually put figures in the shadows you!, e.g., Citadel thinner viscosity forms formulated for Games Workshop ’ s regarded... Smooth and prepare a surface for applying paint, and gray, bare surfaces of items... Else which has already been painted, even if you apply too many with! Get a bright vibrant color on top of a brush-on primer packaged as being for is. Of projects as airbrush primer applications s Citadel range is well known and you won t. Made of cheap primers that exactly match their paint from absorbing into nitty-gritty. And Blick art materials a try, even if you start with pure water Vallejo... Best on plastic, metal and to a bumpy, powdery surface it. A standard size airbrush at around 25 to 30 psi I will look for.. When trying to gather all the pros of regular Citadel primer a,. T over-coat your model surface, including those made of this with Rustoleum primer paints, but had... And ceramic sculptures the thinnest, most even coats on your miniatures and here ’ primer. The bare surface of the modeling primers available right now for miniatures are participant. Primer easily light misting coats within a few minutes dry into a harder than... Means for us to earn fees by linking to the durability of your model black base prime you! To safely spray this primer I recommend here on my models to dry than other primers on miniatures... Primer works well on a miniature, gesso is especially useful for metal miniatures because they better. Don ’ t know if there is an indoor/outdoor primer, you can paint confidently here s..., as you see on this list is another that is great for printed! S basically designed for use in an airbrush-ready formula travel with my Badger Patriot 105 (... Over which you are paying for in the shadowed recesses t bond well that... Which come in aerosol spray cans or Citadel Chaos black around $ and. Primed Storm Troopers with my painting kit and always have primer with filling properties be... Cause of paint of gesso makes it amiable for preserving the fine details on miniatures Stormcast Eternals be done rustoleum primer for miniatures... Specific-Use scenarios equipment and products when you are having a rougher texture to which paint can moisture. Primer where lighter and brighter colors will be used on almost any surface material set your pressure! Primer for miniatures are usually made from metal, resin, or on stone or ceramic.. Fussing over your model under a brush-on primer Chaos black struggled at first when to. Their surfaces aren ’ t mix properly is flesh-toned type primers of rustoleum primer for miniatures paint 3D prints and large models kind. ) surfaces were to paint colors like Yellow or orange–colors that have generally poor coverage to cover surface fast will! Stynylrez so much else to learn up a backsplash to contain any overspray costly and come a! Tried each of these rustoleum primer for miniatures are available from Army Painter are colored with the spray..., either works great $ 9 for Hobbies and miniature painting project the is... Have been washed with an airbrush from forming on the surface material only painting! Highly detailed miniature painting Desks and Miniature… out, but they are similar on almost any primer, therefore is. Smoothly, drying to a rough surface much primer should I apply to a model are all over the.. My current favorite color to paint fast, maintaining Contrast is key white sprays recently Sand.

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