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Today’s the day you can purchase my new book, Let Go to Lead: Six Habits for Happier, More Independent Teams (With Less Stress and More Time for Yourself).

It’s available for 99 cents one day only – December 1st. Help me reach best-seller status with your purchase today.


One of the reasons I wrote this book is because leaders often comment that only people doing the work are experienced enough to make better decisions or solve the problems at hand. Leading from the top down in the traditional leadership model often creates team members who feel underestimated or underutilized. As a result, teams frequently aren’t able to take full responsibility for their work and what they can accomplish. In fact, people can contribute considerably more than their roles ask of them.

Why are team members underestimated or underutilized? There is a notable divide between our expectations and the actual range of talents and abilities of our workforce.

Once leaders break out of a traditional leadership style, they become more open to new opportunities. This enables them to reach goals they never have before—increasing their organization’s ROI and transforming disengaged team members into people dedicated and invested in the organization’s mission. I’ve seen these transformations for the past thirty years and wrote this book about continuous improvement and the role of human resources (where companies create a culture and align their workers to their mission).

Here’s what you can expect – straight from readers of Let Go to Lead…  

“‘Let Go to Lead’ is a masterclass in empowering leaders to truly lead. The book is approachable, and the content is rich and actionable. It’s full of great wisdom for leaders at every level. This is a proven process that Cheryl Jekiel is so generously sharing with all of us.”

Mary Pat Knight, Author of The Humanized Leader
“As a leader, knowing how to intentionally create a culture of accountability can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing. “Let Go to Lead” demystifies the process and provides six simple, but impactful habits to help any leader create a powerful organization.”

Jay Timms MA, MS | Organizational Psychologist, Legendary Leaders

I look forward to hearing your A-HAs once you get your hands on a copy.

Thank you again for your support. I know you’ll gain such valuable insight so you can finally, Let Go to Lead, without all the stress.



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