Ten Guidelines for Higher ROI from Continuous Improvement Initiatives

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Leadership, Culture and HR Process Workshops

Rev Your Engines: Gain More Power By Combining Your Support Functions

An exploration of the overall importance of the support functions (Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Quality, etc.) in driving strong performance. As potentially the engine of an organization, huge wins can come from ensuring the efforts of the support function are combined to impact both internal and external customers.   The session provides six tools that will help your organization make the most of our support functions.

Re-Thinking HR For Operational Excellence & Culture Change

Organizations are struggling to ensure their Operational Excellence and Lean efforts are sustainable and deliver better business results year over year. Building Lean Principles into each aspect of HR helps to ensure Operational Excellence and Lean initiatives become embedded into culture and daily work practices. This workshop illustrates the key approaches to Lean Human Resources and how HR can play a vital role in embedding a culture that supports operational excellence. Learn more…

Practicing Your Leadership Skills

This simulation allows attendees to gain insights into their current leadership skills and apply new behaviors for improving leadership behaviors during the workshop. The session utilizes skill building, practice, observation and evaluation for a better learning experience. Discover how to build skills pertaining to accountability, how to create a winning team and how to let go of behaviors that get in your way.

Strategies and Insights for Developing Lean Leaders

This seminar is designed for existing Lean Leads and Operational Directors and those responsible for implementing leadership programmes. The session looks at the longer term sustainability of their Lean journey through developing future Lean champions, which requires the right strategies and activities for success.

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