Practicing Your Leadership Skills

Practicing Your Leadership Skills

This simulation allows attendees to gain insights into their current leadership skills and apply new behaviors for improving leadership behaviors during the workshop. The session utilizes skill building, practice, observation and evaluation for a better learning experience. Discover how to build skills pertaining to accountability, how to create a winning team and how to let go of behaviors that get in your way.

Key Learning Points

  • Evaluate and establish goals for your leadership skill
  • Differentiate between internal competition and collaboration
  • Turn reactionary behaviors into productive responses
  • Use commitments to hold others accountable
  • Create action plans that work for leadership skill building


Organizations want to develop Lean leaders but don’t know how.

Use leadership simulations to hone leadership skills and learn to effectively use this approach in your workplace.

Key benefits:

  • Build team building skills for collaborative teamwork
  • Build coaching skills for leaders and teams
  • Increase ability to productively respond instead of reacting
  • Increase skills for holding people accountable


Learning outcomes:

  • Learn key aspects of leadership effectiveness
  • Learn how to evaluate your leadership baseline and set leadership improvement goals
  • Create a collaborative work environment


Who should attend?

  • Your organization’s leaders and future leaders