Ten Guidelines for Higher ROI from Continuous Improvement Initiatives

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HR Process Leadership

Two Aspects of Lean Human Resources
Drive Lean through

HR Processes

HR can provide leadership to your Lean transformation.

Directly Improve

HR Processes

Use lean methods or tools to improve key HR Processes

Recruitment that finds the right kind of leaders and team members for a lean enterprise. Apply process improvement to reduce time required to hire people and improve the effectiveness of your hires.
Strategic programs that build critical skills for lean enterprises. Improved tracking of all training and development activities.
Performance management systems are designed to recognize lean behaviors and increase individual and team contributions. Systems for handling reviews that reduce wasted time and enhance services.
Total Rewards programs recognize behaviors that support lean initiatives and compensating lean leaders appropriately. Benefits and payroll processes that provide better service more efficiently.
Ensure policies drive a safe environment to learn, take risks and support teamwork (elements of a lean culture). Ensure policies are maintained in an efficient manner.


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