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“Wow, what a tour de force. In this book, Cheryl has shared a personal learning journey of how to create leadership through the application of six, simple-to-follow, habits that make people feel good, create more independent and self-motivated teams, and deliver sustainable results. If you read just one book this year, make sure it is this one.”
— Professor Peter Hines, Enterprise Excellence Network
“Let Go to Lead is a masterclass in empowering leaders to truly lead. The book is approachable, and the content is rich and actionable. It’s full of great wisdom for leaders at every level. This is a proven process that Cheryl Jekiel is so generously sharing with all of us.”
— Mary Pat Knight, Author of The Humanized Leader
“Let Go to Lead is for leaders who want to see their teams succeed independently. The book presents six habits and how to make them sustainable in a manner that is clear and concise, and most importantly, actionable. I have read many books on this topic and Let Go to Lead will add value to any leadership community.”
— Billy Ray Taylor, Founder & CEO, LinkedXL, Author of The Winning Link

In Let Go to Lead, You’ll Discover How to…

  • Turn into the leader you always wanted to be & enjoy life
  • Be clear (not just in your own head)
  • Teach them to fish for solutions (don’t solve their problems)
  • Take responsibility (stop blaming)
  • Let go (responsibly)
  • Motivate more (help less)
  • Level your team (stop training them to look up)
  • Build community
  • Keep the good vibrations going
  • Practice being a good leader
  • Be on your side
  • Lead better through wisdom

What Clients Say About the CORE Leadership Program

The framework and practicing concepts will change how your company leads and develops people. Our leaders now have the skills to handle situations effectively.

Katherine Wilson
Chief Experience Officer
Anova Furnishings

The ROI is simple. If you can become a better leader or coach, then you can then make your teams capable of exponentially better results. The benefits are real, and our leaders deserve the support they need to be successful and feel confident in their work.
Dave Binz


CORE takes the very complex challenge of successfully establishing the skills for people-leaders and it helps you break it down into discrete, manageable pieces and steps. It’s been so successful that we’ve used it to build people skills for leaders in a variety of roles, even if they don’t directly supervise people. One of the most incredible values that CORE brings is its amazing, empathy-driven approach to leadership development.

Meg Brown
VP of Human Resources

In all my years of HR, I have attended numerous training sessions. However, this particular compilation of skills for leaders is one of the best I have ever seen. It covers all the bases and provides everything you need to become an effective leader. I wish that I had access to this training earlier in my career.
Melissa Smith

McKee Foods Corporation

I was really encouraged when we soon began training to teach the next groups and would keep (CORE) going within the organization. We will be able to involve a large number of our leadership coaches in the on-going CORE program which will help them build their skills. I’ve never seen a leadership program designed this way.

Ken Kunz
Anova Furnishings

During our CORE sessions I learned that the leader may be part of the problem. So, I go back and check, ‘Okay, have I been clear? Did I set them up for success? Did I train to those expectations? Did I coach them? Did I give them feedback?’ When the answer is no, I need to go back and do some things differently.

Brian Wilt
Manufacturing Manager
McKee Foods

Before we started CORE, we had tried a number of leadership training programs that were limited in scope and difficult to maintain without a self-sustaining mechanism. Through the implementation of the CORE Leadership Program with the Performance Improvement Cycle, we now have a framework for communicating and interacting with people, including a sustainable method for addressing accountability. These tools turn our frustrations into leadership or team member behaviors and allow us to take steps forward.

Eric Gilbert
Anova Furnishings

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Praise for Let Go to Lead

“In ‘Let Go To Lead’, Cheryl Jekiel distills her decades of executive leadership insights, operational leadership experience, and consulting wisdom into an accessible and practical guide for embracing an open, values-centered, and humane approach to leadership. Her approach has proven to be not only effective but incredibly satisfying. This coaching style of leadership is rooted in her belief in the sacred value of humans, in sincere love for people, and in a desire to truly “champion their journeys.” With warmth, humor, and candor, Cheryl guides leaders to create a trusting community where employees enjoy their work, contribute, improve, and stay to make a difference. She calls leaders to consistently practice leadership to be good at leadership and in these pages, Cheryl shows the way!”
— Renée Smith, Founder and CEO of A Human Workplace

“Cheryl Jekiel has an uncanny ability to insightfully capture lessons she has learned over a lifetime of being both a business practitioner and consultant and then turn those insights into easily learned and practiced habits. Her lessons come directly from her firsthand experiences, which she artfully describes in crisp examples and vignettes, and are thus readily recognizable and applicable to business life. Jekiel’s six habits for effectively leading people remind me of the many lessons I learned while working for 20 years at a multi-national Japanese electronics manufacturer and the roles Japanese leaders play in leading their staff.
By framing these habits in a Western context, her book will go a long way to bridging the gap between the mechanical “tools of Lean” and the true magic of a continuous improvement culture – people development.”
— Patrick Graupp, Vice-President of TWI Institute and author of The TWI Workbook, Essential Skills for Supervisors

“In this world of ever-increasing people demands on business leaders, the people systems and the habits we build into them are more critical than ever. There are so few leaders who have both the business experience AND the people system experience that Cheryl brings us in ‘Let Go to Lead’. So grateful for her willingness to share not only the why, but also the how to, with actionable and practical steps leaders can implement immediately.”
— Marc D Braun, Co-Founder | CEO | Coach – Encouraging Leaders
“As a leader, knowing how to intentionally create a culture of accountability can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing. “Let Go to Lead” demystifies the process and provides six simple, but impactful habits to help any leader create a powerful organization.”
— Jay Timms, MA, MS | Organizational Psychologist, Legendary Leaders
“So many books on leadership tell you about great leaders, but they do not identify a roadmap a person can practice to become great. Cheryl has laid out six practical steps anyone can use to become more effective as a leader. Her writing derives from the results she has accomplished, and she is sharing her wisdom. I encourage readers to try the steps in the book – the world and our organizations need better leadership.”
— Michael Bremer, Author “How to Do a Gemba Walk” a Shingo Research & Professional Publication Award recipient

About the Book

What would your life look like if you created an independent workforce? In this book, we will help you—the often overworked leader—avoid common stumbling blocks along the way. By cultivating the six habits in this book, you will be able to create an autonomous, accountable workforce through better relationships, and creating team members who are happier and more successful both inside and outside of the office.

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About the Author

Cheryl Jekiel, Founder of the Lean Leadership Center, works with visionary organizations that require strong people strategies and systems to achieve their business vision. She and her team help leadership teams increase the capability of their people to create limitless organizational value.
Ms. Jekiel has developed an expertise in lean manufacturing with a particular focus on lean cultures in leadership roles at Sweetheart Cup, Parco Foods, and Flying Food Group.
Ms. Jekiel has held a variety of senior leadership roles covering operations, human resources and as a chief operating officer for a number of years.
As the author of “Lean Human Resources: Redesigning HR Practices for a Culture of Continuous Improvement”, Ms. Jekiel is committed to building Lean HR as a recognized field of work. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband and two dogs, Sid and Ginger.
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