Ten Guidelines for Higher ROI from Continuous Improvement Initiatives

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Long Term Lean Leadership Learning Communities

Twelve Foundational Modules within Leadership Mastery Series

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Lead Through Self Knowledge
  3. Working in Your Genius
  4. Linking Work to Serving Customers
  5. Leading Through Inspiration
  6. Fundamentals of Communication Skills
  7. Giving and Receiving Feedback
  8. Appreciating Your Team
  9. Creating Stronger Connections
  10. Agreements and Accountability
  11. Overcoming Leadership Barriers
  12. Setting Goals and Celebrating Success

Second Year – Advanced Modules with Leadership Mastery Series

  1. 360 Feedback Process
  2. Involving others in managing change
  3. Understanding and improving Emotional Intelligence
  4. Other Methods for Leading Improvement
  5. Customer Focus and Voice of the Customer
  6. Improving your coaching skills
  7. Mastering difficult conversations
  8. How to lead and promote great problem solving
  9. Improving time management skills
  10. Using Visual Cues to Strengthen Your Team
  11. Creating a Development Plan for the Future
  12. Managing a high performance team

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