Ten Guidelines for Higher ROI from Continuous Improvement Initiatives

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A New Approach to Achieving Operational Excellence

A Virtual Learning Community

The LLC has become increasingly aware of these common concerns:


Announcing a new approach to improvement – The LLC is launching a Virtual Learning Community that allows professionals with similar goals to join forces in developing talent strategies and cultures.  This Community begins on June 9, 2016.


What Membership includes:


Many benefits of Community Membership:

To learn more about joining the next Virtual Learning Community, call 708 362 1664 or contact leanleadershipresourcecenter@gmail.com.
The fees for membership in this Learning Community are $100 per month or $1,000 per year (save $200.00).   Please call to discuss or if you are ready to register, just see below.

Annual Membership ($1,000/year)


Monthly Subscription ($100/month)


Contact Lean Leadership Center to learn more about how our resources can help your company improve your organization’s leadership and overall success at 708.362.1664.