Learning Communities

Long-term Leadership Learning Communities

Leadership Learning Communities

Building leadership capabilities takes time and effective means for developing skills.   The Resource Center has developed extensive curriculum for building leadership skills.   The learning model includes developing support for leaders within a community to share learnings and a place to practice in building their skills.

The learning community model includes the following features:

  • Long term approach over 18 to 24 months allows participants to take the time needed to build complex skills.
  • Each class or learning pod create a community of support that work together to set short terms goals and share experiences.
  • Includes an extensive set of monthly modules to reflect the necessary range of topics for comprehensive mastery.
  • Conducted virtually, if needed, to allow leadership groups across the country or the globe to create learning pods.

Key Benefits of Lean Leadership Mastery Series

  • Identifies performance issues
  • Builds needed skills or clarifies need to change
  • Identifies leaders ready for more responsibility and develops future skills
  • Supports succession planning development and execution
  • Provides critical leadership to actualize growth strategies
  • Creates a leadership team that role models best practice behaviors.

Contact Mary Pat Knight to learn about monthly on site or virtual communication sessions that will develop your leaders at 847-571-1160.