Redesigning HR Processes for a Culture of Continuous Improvement, Second Edition

Encouraging a long overdue shift in thinking, this second edition of this groundbreaking book provides managers and executives with the means to maximize employee potential by first showing them how to increase the improvement power of their HR departments.

Cheryl M. Jekiel, who has been implementing Lean initiatives out of HR offices for more than 20 years, defines the people-related approaches and practices needed to alter any cultural dynamic that keeps employees from leveraging their peak abilities. She looks at why so many companies allow this sort of waste to exist, how traditional HR departments have not been especially effective in combating waste, and why current HR departments should be seen differently — as a partner delivering exceptional customer service to employees.

This second edition reflects on the material presented in the first edition, how it has affected Lean HR environments, and how it has changed to accommodate new challenges and practices. It is not only for experts on Continuous Improvement or Lean Implementations, but for readers who are looking to strengthen their HR department and optimize employees’ abilities in the workplace.

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What others are saying about Lean Human Resources: Redesigning HR Processes for a Culture of Continuous Improvement, Second Edition

“People are the single biggest factor necessary to ensure business success. They drive results, access to capital and innovation. Jekiel’s powerful combination of Lean practice with the functional impact of Human Resources, for organizations who embrace this principle, creates sustainable growth and value creation.”

Sylvia Wulf

CEO, AquaBountysino

“Seek to create an organization that attracts and retains top performers? It begins with building the foundation for excellence―and not just operationally. Human resource’s role in an organization must shift from transactional work to being a vital partner in the transformation process. Jekiel’s Lean Human Resources is a must-read for accomplishing this transition and places HR where it should be―at the center of transformation.”

Karin Martin


“Businesses succeed or fail on the backs of their people, and particularly by their level of motivation and inspiration from leadership. Leaders who wish to practice lean need to read, study and understand the thinking and practices provided by Lean Human Resources.”

Ron Harper

President/CEO, Cogent Power Inc.

“Lean at its core is a people development system. Further the objective of Lean is to create an adaptive culture that makes continuous improvement a way of life. This is why HR must be ‘at the table’ and be a true partner of any Lean transformation. The author provides clarity of HR’s role and a path to get there. Cheryl’s rich experience fuels a powerful and passionate voice. It is a must read for anyone interested in creating a highly performing HR function in his or her organization.”

Drew Locher

Change Management Associates