Recently, I read an article noting that a large number of people have considered quitting under new managers. 

The topic brought home a number of experiences involving new leaders who are struggling to figure out how to work with people.  Essentially, what’s needed is an approach to building foundational skills in a manner that leaders can improve with practice.

But more important, than the concepts or practicing them, is ensuring leaders feel connected to each other.

Leaders, especially supervisors, are often put under tremendous stress with little support. Repeatedly, I’ve heard them share their experience along the lines of, “I didn’t realize others felt the same way or were going through similar situations. I thought everyone else felt comfortable dealing with people issues.”

They’re so relieved to find out it’s a challenge for everyone that they become empowered to go through the painstaking process of building their skills.

New leaders are more vulnerable to guessing at how to lead, and we don’t make it easy to admit it’s hard. Leaders—and the people they lead—deserve more than just their best guess and doing much of it on their own.

How well do you think we are doing to prepare new managers?


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