When I first fell in love with continuous improvement, my experiences touched me so deeply that I have never wanted to do anything else. Along the way, developing leaders who build relationships and work from the heart has become the most rewarding part of my work. It’s an honor to watch leaders transform their approach from traditional directive styles to focusing on working through others to achieve success in the workplace.

When I first met Meg Brown, the VP of Human Resources for Cambridge Air Solutions, I was inspired to support this organization, even if from a distance. Cambridge is a remarkable organization that is celebrated for its people-centric culture and commitment to fostering a caring workplace. At the core of their ethos lies an unusual, yet powerful corporate value – unconditional love paired with high expectations.

There came a point when they were ready to tackle their leadership development approach to align with their culture and focus on continuous improvement. They had implemented different types of training, but the training didn’t provide a way to develop leaders who coach to achieve success. This realization set the stage for Cambridge to explore a solution and that’s where the CORE Leadership Program came into play. This program utilizes concepts that anyone can access on their own.

The approach Cambridge took to leadership development was a commitment to a long-term application and an understanding that no short-term fix would do. In addition, they wholeheartedly embraced the idea that their leaders needed to be together as a community to provide enough support to build their skills on a day-to-day basis. To her credit, Meg was delighted when leaders ceased needing the same level of support to figure out the answer to people-related situations and instead worked together to develop their approach and just ran it past her.

“Our participants now exude confidence in their leadership abilities, believing that these skills will contribute to a workplace where everyone loves to work, learn, and grow together. The commitment to ongoing learning and application of CORE principles aligns with our vision for continuous improvement and effective leadership.”

“We can confidently say now that we know exactly what it looks like to lead here, and we can describe it to you. That’s totally amazing,” said Meg. “CORE helped us understand how important it was to operationalize our core values. You can’t live into what you can’t describe.”

My new book, Let Go to Lead, represents what I have learned and witnessed during the development and implementation of the CORE Leadership Program and offers tools that you can use to better understand and implement your leadership development.

Your team’s success story starts with you. Purchase your copy of Let Go to Lead to learn how to transform the way leaders develop teams to be more independent.

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