Ten Guidelines for Higher ROI from Continuous Improvement Initiatives

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HR and Lean: Transform Your HR Department from a Cost Center to a Profit Driver

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When you think of your Lean HR, what work improvements come to mind? Doing a better job at hiring, firing, performance reviews and benefits administration? If you are like the majority of businesses, those functions define the HR department. But what if the following words and phrases were used when considering your HR department: increased Valued Added Services, Return on… Read the full article…

Four Steps to Strengthen Lean Leaders Who Lack People Skills

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  First, Sue quit. Then, Laura quit. Then the team sent a letter to HR complaining about Joe. The letter then went to the president of the company. Uh oh. After investigating the situation by talking with everyone, it’s clear that people appreciate Joe’s knowledge of the industry and he’s really good at problem solving by himself. The issue is that people on the… Read the full article…

Do Your Performance Management Reviews Help or Hinder Your Team?

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Many times an employee has come to me for support after being rated “average” in a performance review. They are deeply discouraged by the rating, and even more so when told of areas they need to improve. Most employees put their hearts and souls into their work and being “average” or “less than average” leaves them feeling deflated and hurt…. Read the full article…

Are Your HR Metrics in Focus?

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  Solving problems by using data isn’t new to the field of continuous improvement. However, some applications within HR are part of a current trend to strengthen the value of the field of Human Resources. Last week, I spoke to a group of HR professionals about how data analytics applies to the HR function. This is a timely topic since… Read the full article…