On December 1st my new book, Let Go to Lead: Six Habits for Happier, More Independent Teams (With Less Stress and More Time for Yourself) hits the shelves.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to get a copy in your hands because the lean community has known for years that continuous improvement depends on leaders who can coach rather than tell people what to do.

The problem has always been the challenge of building the capability to coach into a typical workplace, across most leaders, not just a few.

Several years ago, I developed a training program that started to see success, and no one was more surprised than me when it worked!

Let Go to Lead represents what the work has taught me from watching leaders transform their approach right before my eyes. It also includes insights on how to help leaders effectively build new habits, rather than attending one more training that vanishes in minutes, if not days.

Achieve your wildest dreams through six leadership habits

Your future vision, beyond your wildest dreams, isn’t what I can imagine for your

organization, it’s what you will come to envision and create once you leverage the six habits in this book:

  • Be Clear (Not Just In Your Own Head)
  • Teach Them To Fish For Solutions (Don’t Solve Their Problems)
  • Take Responsibility (Stop Blaming)
  • Let Go (Responsibly)
  • Motivate More (Help Less)
  • Level Your Team (Stop Training Them To Look Up)

When you practice these habits on your leadership journey, you will become the leader you’ve always wanted to be and enjoy life more.

Overcoming exhausting obstacles 

Every day I work with frustrated leaders who have tried and failed to create independent team members. These dedicated leaders want to champion the development of their team’s skills and talents, but nothing works well enough. Most of the time, leadership exhausts itself trying to build new and necessary skills, usually by conducting combinations of one-and-done training, external workshops, and other team-building activities.

Let Go to Lead provides insights on how to approach leadership development in a way that really works for leaders, including chapters on sustainability that show you how to overcome the obstacles you’ll encounter.

Best of all – experience the joy of developing an independent workforce

Let Go to Lead will help you—the often overworked leader—avoid common stumbling blocks. By cultivating the six habits in the book, you will create an autonomous, accountable workforce through better relationships.

The best news? Leaders of independent teams are happier and enjoy their lives more.

A valuable asset for leaders at every level — support the launch and be among the first to receive a copy of Let Go to Lead: Six Habits for Happier, More Independent Teams (With Less Stress and More Time for Yourself).

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