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HR: The Missing Link in Your Continuous Improvement Efforts

Posted by: Cheryl Jekiel | No Comments

Sometimes, in work and in life, we make up our minds to do things that are challenging.

For me, the time has come to launch Champions of HR for Excellence. This is a community to meet the needs of Human Resources professionals and others who develop talent strategies that drive operational excellence. The goal for membership will be to develop stronger improvement cultures, network with others who share similar challenges and increase the momentum of talent strategies to drive Continuous Improvement and, hence, more sustainable success.

This program is the culmination of a lot of conversations with CEOs and other leaders who are increasingly seeing the need for HR to partner more effectively with them. In addition, it is becoming clearer to them that HR is critical to the success of Continuous Improvement, but they likely need more help to achieve their potential.

At times, developing this community has been an uphill climb.

People don’t always see the need to get HR involved. They don’t understand why getting HR involved would be so impactful.

This always goes back to one key point. Not having HR as a key leader of improvement is a problem. Why? There are many reasons, but just to start, various aspects of employment are pointing in different, if not opposite, directions (e.g., job expectations versus the basis for bonus payments). More importantly, once improvement is built into the fabric of various aspects of employment, then it’s almost impossible to take it back out.

While it’s a challenge to gather the HR community within improvement-oriented enterprises, I am resolute that it can absolutely impact the success of improvement efforts and other aspects of corporate success.

For every time I meet one skeptic, I meet one person who believes HR is critical to the success of Continuous Improvement. Some may even want to help lead this movement.

Sometimes, a leap of faith is all we can do.

We have to trust that we’re on the right path, even if not everyone confirms it.

One way for HR’s leadership of improvement efforts to become the norm is for those who see the way forward to become connected to each other. Others will see this as it becomes the new status quo.

So, what is your challenge in elevating the role of HR in Continuous Improvement? Are you actively involving HR team members and creating opportunities for them to step up, develop, learn and get involved?

If not, why?

To your continued improvement,

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